There is a way you can help our community's economy: Bank Local!

Because of the Local Multiplier Effect, we could add millions of dollars to our local economy if we put our money in locally-owned banks.
    Benefits to Banking Locally:

  • Banking local keeps your money in our community
  • Banking local helps fund loans for LOCAL businesses and nonprofits in our community
  • Banking local does make a difference in our community

As a community bank, Summit State Bank is committed to giving back to the community. Summit State Bank is more than just your bank - we are your partner. We take serving our community very seriously and are committed to making a difference, just as you are. We are proud to donate more than 2% of our net profit to support our local nonprofits and charitable organizations. We are a local community bank where you will find people who care deeply about the work you do, and we will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals.

Why Going Local Makes a Difference in our Sonoma County community

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What does local mean?

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