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Avoid Identity Theft

Customer Protection and Security

Summit State Bank is committed to protecting you from identity theft, phishing scams and fraud.

Summit State Bank employees will never call or email you to request any account information such as account numbers, user names or passwords.


Heartbleed Vulnerability

On April 7, 2014, security researchers announced the discovery of a critical vulnerability in OpenSSL called "Heartbleed." OpenSSL is common web encryption software that is used widely across the Internet. When certain versions of OpenSSL are in use, this vulnerability makes it possible for hackers to access information that is transmitted to/from a computer, even though the information is encrypted.

Summit State Bank is happy to report that SummitOnline (online banking) was not impacted by this vulnerability. This includes mobile banking, mobile deposit, bill pay, and all other systems that are associated with online banking. None of these systems were impacted.

If any other online systems that you use have been impacted by the Heartbleed vulnerability, and you use the same password as your SummitOnline password, then you should change both passwords immediately. As a security best practice, we recommend that your SummitOnline password be unique to this system only.

Internet Explorer Bug - April 2014

On April 26, 2014, Microsoft announced a software defect in all versions of Internet Explorer that could potentially allow an attacker to gain control of a machine running Internet Explorer. Microsoft released a patch for this vulnerability on May 1. This patch (KB2964358) can be downloaded through Windows Update. We recommend that you not use Internet Explorer for any purpose until you install this update.


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  • If you have any questions or concerns about protecting your personal identity or avoiding scams, visit one of our branch locations or call us at (707) 568-6000.