1. Always exhibit a “Can Do” attitude

    2. Always be courteous - smile, say “Please,” “Thank You,” and greet customers/potential customers by name

    3. Always offer solutions/answers to customers or, if outside your area of expertise, find the person who knows the answer – never say or insinuate, “It’s not my job”

    4. Always handle customers as if your life depends on it - it does. If we don’t have customers, we don’t
    have jobs

    5. Always treat co-workers with the same respect you treat customers

    6. Always return phone calls and e-mails the same day, or at maximum, within 24 hours

    7. Always pay attention to detail - be on time for meetings; stick to deadlines; use Spell Check and proofread; maintain service standards, e.g. 72 hour loan underwriting turnaround, 48 hour loan doc turnaround

    8. Always get things done, even if you have to come in early or stay late on occasion

    9. Always strive to gain greater efficiencies and productivity - always strive to build a “better mousetrap”

    10. Above all, “Always Expect Excellence in Yourself”