Bank Local

There is a way you can help our community's economy: Bank Local!

There are many reasons why spending and investing your money locally makes sense, not the least of which is to ensure a healthy and sustainable local economy. The multiplier effect that results when you do business with a local company is not new, but it is more important than ever. The local economics multiplier FACT: Locally owned businesses generate 25% more economic recirculation activity than non-local businesses. They buy from other local businesses and bank locally, thus increasing local capital and wealth*.


For every dollar you deposit in our Bank, we invest in our community by extending money in the form of small business loans to help local companies and nonprofits, expand their operations, purchase new equipment, purchase supplies and add staff.


As a local community bank, Summit State Bank is committed to giving back to the community and does so in a big way. We proudly donate over 4% of our net profit to support local nonprofits and charitable organizations. We take serving our community very seriously and are committed to making a difference, just like you.


Benefits to Banking Locally:                         


Banking local keeps your money in our community
Banking local helps fund loans for LOCAL businesses and nonprofits in our community
Banking local does make a difference in our community


Going Local does make a difference in Sonoma County:

The Economics of Going Local - Oliver's Market as a Case Study
Sonoma County's Go Local expands - The Press Democrat


*Sonoma County's Go Local Cooperative