Business Lending

Create new opportunities for your business. Summit State Bank lends money to help you grow. Add inventory, finance new equipment, expand your existing facility or purchase additional real estate. We offer many short and long-term options.

Line of Credit

Address your short-term cash flow needs including seasonal variations or capitalizing on a business opportunity with our business Line of Credit loan. A Line of Credit loan offers a fixed maximum loan amount and is repaid typically within one year, with renewal options available. Make payments or advance funds on-line, by telephone or in person.

SBA Loans

As a Preferred SBA Lender, Summit State Bank offers SBA loans for almost any business purpose including real estate purchases, construction, acquisition and expansion, refinancing existing debt, and working capital. Sufficient ready capital is vital, whether you are just starting a business or trying to manage your growth. Contact us for details.

  • SBA 504 loans provide long term financing for fixed assets including real estate
  • SBA 7(a) loan guarantees improve your opportunity to receive financing. They provide for non-real estate related financing including business acquisitions, working capital, equipment financing, and additional eligible uses as set forth by the SBA.

Construction and Commercial Real Estate Loans

Term real estate financing is available for property acquisitions, existing real estate refinancing, construction and project development. Construction financing available for both owner-occupied and speculative projects. Use the property to expand your operation or as an investment. Our rates are competitive with exceptionally fast turn-around.

Term Financing - Permanent Working Capital Loans

Using term financing, you can expand long-term working capital, complete tenant or leasehold improvements, refinance existing debt and finance corporate acquisition activities. Based on the type of financing requested, terms and conditions vary.

Equipment Loans

Increase your capacity or update your facility through new equipment financing. Processing equipment, medical apparatus, transportation, and interior fixtures can reduce costs, while adding new capabilities and sources of revenue for your business. Due to the broad nature of the items financed, terms and conditions vary with the type of financing requested.

Letters of Credit

Summit State Bank may issue a letter of credit on your behalf guaranteeing payment to your existing or prospective vendors. Identify improved sources of materials, expand your product lines or reach better volume discount levels. Terms and conditions are based on amount and use.