ACH transactions with business partners

Automated Clearing House (ACH) funds transfer significantly improves speed and efficiency when paying bills or collecting receivables.

Send payments electronically to your vendors eliminating check writing expense, delivery time and misplaced payments. Give yourself flexibility and improve your cash flow by paying invoices at the best possible time. Keep your interest bearing funds deposited longer.

If you have remote locations and multiple banking relationships, concentrate your deposits using ACH. Simplify your accounting while presenting more accurate cash management reporting.

Even companies with a few employees can offer the convenience of direct payroll deposits.

Build tighter relationships with your customers and suppliers. ACH delivers a new level of efficiency and timeliness to account processing. Both you and your partners benefit from the speed and accuracy electronic transactions generate. Every party is able to lower costs and achieve more. With the ACH interface in place, you, your customers, and suppliers all become more competitive.

Summit State Bank ACH TransactionsACH moves payments directly to or from your operating or savings accounts eliminating manual handling and delivery. You can easily identify and download ACH transaction data using SummitOnline Banking.

For internal accountability and security, you can set up your ACH processing to require multiple levels of approval. The ACH system generates detailed audit reports.