SummitOnline Internet Banking

SummitOnline Banking offers business customers comprehensive cash management tools with 24-hour convenience. Using the Internet and our secure and easy to use interface, you have the ability to complete almost any daily task including bill payments, transfers, ACH requests and stop payments. You can verify your balances, and the status of clearing checks. Reports and research tools are readily available.

Management can grant specific privileges to each user depending on the employee’s responsibilities. Multiple individuals, including third parties like your CPA, may be restricted to view-only access. SummitOnline Banking tracks and records each user’s activity. An audit trail is accessible on-line and is downloadable for your internal needs.

Access SummitOnline Banking from your office, laptop or Internet-enabled smart phone to gain your business advantage.

Summit State Bank Online Banking

  • Set up user accounts and access rights
  • Grant access to corporate account data while restricting access to personal accounts
  • Track activities of specific users
  • Analyze specific transactions
  • Verify balances
  • Add, edit and remove accounts
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Advance your Line of Credit loan
  • Set up Positive Pay anti-fraud protection
  • Track checks as they clear
  • Request a stop payment
  • Set up payment and debit files for ACH transactions
  • Pay a one-time bill
  • Set up and schedule periodic bill payments
  • Print or save monthly statements
  • Send out wires through Online Banking
  • Download statements in CSV format for use in your account application


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